Cheval backup safety generator installation

Design and installation of emergency standby generator on the roof of  Harrington Court in south Kensington, London

Client: Cheval Residences

Principle contractor: Redlands Electrical

Structural engineer: Blue Engineering

Lift consultants: Lift advice

Project duration: 12 weeks

Generator lift


Redlands were appointed to carry out the backup generator installation for Cheval Residences in South Kensington to ensure their essential equipment was maintained and backed up in case of a mains failure.

Project brief: Cheval were experiencing a high volume of power outages on the supply network which were leaving them without power to the building meaning essential equipment like lifts and water pumps were not functioning.

Redlands electrical had to design, install and commission a backup generator and a uninterrupted power supply which would be sufficient to keep their essential equipment functioning in a power outage.

Due to the age of the building and the nature of the roof fabric a steel support frame had to be deigned and procured to bare the weight of the generator. Redlands employed a structural engineer and metal fabrication company to deliver this crucial element of the project.

Due to the lack of space the generator had to be installed on the roof of the building which meant Redlands had to procure and oversee a contract lift which consisted of road closures and a mobile crane all carried out of normal working hours.

All work was carried out in a live and functioning hotel so careful planning was essential to ensure disturbance was kept to a minimum.

Design elements:

  • Load monitoring and recording start up current of the lifts and pumps to ensure the correct size generator and equipment was selected.
  • Selecting the correct size UPS to ensure the loads would continue to function whilst the generator starts up.
  • Cable calculations and selection of electrical equipment to suit the installation.
  • Noise surveys to ensure compliance within a conservation area.

Key elements and procurement:

  • Engaging with structural engineers to ensure the building was sufficient to bare the load of the equipment .
  • Design and installation of a steel frame installed on the load baring walls of the building.
  • Builders works in conjunction and complete project delivery.
    A full contract crane lift and road closure.
    Adaptions and alterations to the electrical system to ensure correct operation.
  • Rerouting of electrical cabling in a fully functioning hotel environment.
  • A full commissioning service to test lifts and water pumps with simulated power outages to ensure equipment functions correctly.
  • A separate earthing system for the generator.

Equipment selected and installed:

  • An 88KVA three phase generator. An acoustic enclosure canopy to reduce noise pollution.
  •  20KVA Rellio UPS back up battery system.
  • Automatic transfer switches.
  • UPS bypass switches.
  • Eaton Memshield distribution boards.

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