Electricians in Twickenham

We have highly experienced electricians, each of which ensures their work meets the latest UK regulatory standards. On this page, we’ve talked briefly about how we can assist you, our clients in Twickenham and surrounding areas.

How Our Electricians Can Help You

Extensions & Conversions – If you’re transforming your loft into an inhabitable/usable space, it will need to feature safe, working light fixtures and plug sockets. Our electricians can ensure you have all the power you need for its intended purpose. Likewise, we can fully wire house extensions so you can illuminate your space and use appliances.

As every domestic and commercial property owner we serve around Twickenham and London has different needs, our electricians will consult with you before they get to work. We’ll help you decide on the right type and number of lights for your extension or conversion, on the number and location of plug sockets and how similar electrical fixtures will be integrated. This will allow us to deliver you a detailed electrical design service.

Renovations – Looking to completely overhaul and revitalise your Twickenham or wider London property? It may be that your home isn’t just in need of a lick of paint and some general maintenance work, but also has an antiquated consumer unit and wiring. These can be highly dangerous. Having old wiring/consumer units in your home or commercial premises can increase the likelihood of an electrical fire or someone receiving an electric shock.

Our electricians can replace said wiring/units, as well as any old light fixtures and bulbs, which may help reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint. Before carrying out renovations, we can take a look and see how modern your electrics are and advise you on the best course of action.

New Builds – Redlands Electrical is regularly contracted with delivering new build property schemes around Twickenham and surrounding areas. Once our builders have developed the property to a certain point, our electricians will get to work outfitting it with all the essential electrical infrastructure.

Electrical Services We Offer

Our electricians specialise in the following:

  • Wiring & Re-wiring
  • Consumer Unit Installation
  • Light Fixture & Power Outlet Installation
  • Electrical Design

To find out more about how our team of electricians help develop and improve properties throughout Twickenham, call us today