Very Thorough & Professional

I am head of facilities for a south London company. Redlands electrical have dealt with all our needs for the last two years covering everything from testing to installation. Very thorough and professional. Recommend to all! David Newcomb


One of our key strengths at Redlands Electrical is CCTV.  The security benefits it can provide to business or home owner are enormous:

  • Deterrence – Potential burglars and thieves will see the camera and decide that the property in question is not worth the risk and therefore not a good target.
  • Fear Reduction – When there is a camera, people feel safer.  It has been proven that when people feel safer, it is much less likely for a potential criminal to attack.  And of course, people feel more relaxed and are more productive.
  • Prosecution – Thieves and criminals can be caught on camera and this can help catch + prosecute them.

This approach provides the business and home owner with the ultimate criminal deterrent that is both visible and effective.  Of course CCTV can be used for general surveillance which means you always know what your staff are doing or what they are not doing!

Where we differ at Redlands Electrical, is that we are passionate about CCTV and technology.  There are many “off the shelf” packages that novices and professionals alike will install but through our experience we know that cheap is by no means best when it comes to CCTV.

You need a system that is functional, accessible and dependable.  That’s why we primarily stick to what we have found to be the best CCTV manufacturer on the market Samsung.  Redlands Electrical have a strong partnership with the UK’s only distributor for Samsung CCTV products which allows us to not only get the best products, but for an incredibly good price that nobody else can match.

Redlands Electircal have a dedicated CCTV and computer networking guru that can make sure that every cutting edge technical requirement is offered and covered.  Examples of this functionality are:

  • Access to your CCTV anywhere on the world – even from your iPhone!
  • Recording capacity which would allow you to record 10’s of camera for literally 5+ years before having to delete/archive off footage
  • Ability to add multi site CCTV to one single dashboard
  • Functionality to remotely control cameras on motorised axis (even have automatic motion detection move the cameras!)
  • Wireless IP cameras for those hard to read locations
  • SMS/Email alerts
  • Plus many more

You name it, we have it covered.  From small home installations to 100’000 sq ft warehouses, contact us for more information.

Our existing installations will testify how good our systems are!