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Emergency Lighting Testing Canary Wharf


Are you looking for someone to do your emergency lighting testing in Canary Wharf? Stop what you are doing, you have found the place.

As you already know, your emergency lighting systems need to be tested every month in order to ensure that your systems are functioning they way that they need to be. According to legislation, a 30 second test must be completed once a month and a 90-minute test completed once a year. This is done to ensure that in the event of an emergency all systems are able to function correctly without incurring any damages.

You may think that you could get away without performing an emergency lighting testing in Canary Wharf, but you could be penalised for failing to comply with this legislation –  especially if worse comes to worse and you need to have your building evacuated.

The whole purpose of an emergency lighting system is to ensure that all people in the building are able to safely exit the building during an emergency – it is a matter of life and death and is therefore important to have your emergency lighting tested.

Some of the regulations that come in to play with regards to ensuring building safety include:

National Fire Protection Agency’s NFPA 101

National Fire Protection Agency’s NFPA 70

International Fire Code

International Building Code

National Electrical Code

OSHA Regulations

All of these regulations serve one common purpose – to ensure that there is enough light and signage to allow people to safely exit your building – regardless of the size of your building.

These tests can be quite time consuming, and you should look into conducting them on a day where you can sacrifice a few hours to do so. If you cannot make time during the week, you can always do so on a weekend when the building is empty – which tends to be a lot easier and quicker.