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Electric Car Charging Installers

Electric car charging installers are in charge of exactly that – installing electrical charging bays for electrical cars. While this seems pretty simple and straightforward – which it should be – there are various aspects that need to be considered when it comes to electric car charging installers.

The first thing would be the manufacturer of the charging unit. Industry favourites include Schneider, Clipper Creek, ChargePoint, Bosch, Blink, Aerovironment and GE.

The next point to remember is that you have a licensed electrician perform the installation of the unit. This means that you need to do sufficient research on electricians in the are that are able to perform the installation. Be sure to find out about the costs involved and what would be needed to perform the installation.

You also need to establish whether or not the installation will be for your home or business – or both. This will help us develop the solution that will best fit you. In most residential charging bays, a Level 2 charger will be installed. These charges are usually fairly quick and should have your vehicle charged and ready in no time.

Installing a commercial charging unit will be of great benefit to you and your employees can improve your brand image as well as the overall staff morale.

The charging options available include:

Level 1 – Using an outlet in the home to charge the car. This method can take quite long.

Level 2 – These units are installed in the garage and can charge a car in 4 – 6 hours.

Level 3 – These units are fast charging and can charge a car in 75 minutes.