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A Complete and Comprehensive Service

We provide electricians in Kingston upon Thames, Wimbledon, Richmond, Epsom, New Malden, Croydon, Woking, Fulham, Staines, Sutton and all over Surrey and London. If you are looking for complete services provided by electrical contractors with experience, knowledge and low, competitive prices, then is the right place for you. Backed by years of experience in all types of design, installation, maintenance and repair, we offer our expertise in completing the job, no matter how big or small.

Our electricians are fully trained and licensed, having the correct certificates that apply under local laws. We have established our reputation as being one of the best electrical contractors in the region thanks to our professional, highly trained staff. We offer a number of excellent services that you can use for your next project to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction.

Design and Installation

Whether you are fitting out an office or adding a room to your home, electrical installations are our specialty. We can design an electrical system for your needs and offer a low, competitive bid that includes the price of the materials and our services with a schedule that we will meet.

Maintenance and Repair

If you are having issues with your electrical system, we are here to help. From maintaining an entire system for large facilities to repairing an electrical socket, we are the professionals who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have many years of experience in repair and know how to find and quickly fix problems that you are having with your electrical system.

Inspection and Testing

For business owners, landlords and others who run facilities, passing inspection is important for keeping up to code and complying with local laws. However, a much bigger reason you should have inspections performed on your electrical system is to prevent major issues from affecting your business, including the potential for an electrical fire.

Electrical fires are one of the most deadly, yet preventable disasters that can strike any business or home. Having your electrical system inspected means catching potential problems early before they can cause greater damage. Safety testing performed on a periodic basis can save you more than money by helping to prevent a potential accident from happening. Let our team of experienced professionals ensure that your electrical system is working safely.

Our electrical contracting service is here to help both businesses and residents with their needs by providing complete services in which we can create the best electrical system possible for your facility and even your home. We can install extra sockets for new appliances in order to prevent one of the biggest dangers, overloading a socket with more appliances than it can handle, so that you and your family is safe.

In addition, we keep our prices low and affordable because we understand that customer service is our calling card. Our fees are designed to help people afford our services and in this manner, we can provide the best electricians to handle the job that is required and do so with the best customer service in mind.

Whether you are a large construction firm fitting out a commercial premises or a resident in need of having an electrical socket fixed, we are the electrical firm you should call for a prompt, professional service.